I read the book 'The Great Gatsby’ it’s written by one of my favorite authors Francis Scott Fitzgerald ages  ago, I can’t even remember some of the details anymore, but swiftly the story begins with Nick Carraway, the narrator who just returned home from WW1 hoping to begin a career moved to Long Island and rented a house next to the mansion of an ultra rich Jay Gatsby, a mysterious host of regular extravagant revelries and parties at the mansion.

I remember I made a critical review on this book in our Literature class years ago but I can’t find that paper anymore, anyway, as always great books deserve a great movie adaptation and this is one attempt to do it. 

Gosh, I can’t wait to see this in big screen. So the cast; Jay Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Carraway is played by Tobe Maguire, Tom Buchanan is played by Joel Edgerton, who symbolically represent the brutality and moral carelessness of the established rich and the famous and Daisy Fay Buchanan, Nick’s distant cousin and Tom’s wife who become the personification of Jay Gatsby’s dream is played by Carey Mulligan.

Just like Anna Karenina that wows me with the production, I hope this movie will outdo my expectation. 

Here’s an exclusive footage of the movie, gosh, it felt so different with the music, I'm so dazed … 

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