When I was starting on this topic I right away remembered Camilla Morton, the famous lady behind ‘How to Walk in High Heels’, she once said that ‘underwear is like men: you have your top end, your dependables and your trash. It is sod’s law – lawrus sodimus – that the one time you can’t find a matching set of bra and knickers, or you chance it and go out in your granny knickers, will be the night they end up on show.’ Some women actually just don’t care about this intimate in small and covert place, but I tell you, finding the right and perfectly fitted bra is like finding and settling on your top end man, dependable and most often, ain’t the  trashy one.

Balconette type of bra

Now here’s your guide to finding the right bra: 

Know your bra numbers and letters 

Sometimes we can’t find the right fit because we don’t know our right size. The under-bust measurement is the number sequence we see in that little piece of plastic or cloth tucked somewhere in the bra, it is represented by 10/32, 12/34, 14/36 and so on. The bust or the cup size is represented by the letter, so you can see there A, B, C, D and so forth. The bigger your bust, the higher the letter. I’m size 14 with an under bust measurement of 36, and has a cup size of B, so I find bra that has 36B printed on it. You can start finding yours at My Curves & Me, they have the most awesome collection of lingerie set perfect for your personality.

To get your correct band size, wrap a tape measure around your ribcage right below your breast, when you get your figures add 3 inches to that number, that’s how you get your comfortable band size. To get your cup size, measure around the fullest size of your breast. Each inch difference between this and your band size is your cup size. 1 inch difference means you’re cup A, 2 inches difference means you’re cup B and so on and so forth. Anything lower than an inch then you’re cup AA. 

To pad or not to pad 

I recently have bought a new bra I can use for travel, I was looking for something unpadded so as not to occupy so much space in my luggage but to my surprise almost all of what’s on display has one. Well, padded bras are perfectly good for support and protection. Busts look good with pads on, unless you had yours done in perfect shape then that would be an exception. Unpadded ones don’t look so good especially when you’re flat breasted, while it sends out a false promise of full breast, what’s important is your front looks good on it. Just note about proportions and the aesthetics of it. Padded ones normally come with wire right below the pad line, an innovation to fully support your breast especially when you’re cup size is scaling up. So to check whether it works well, try on the item, once the hook and eyes are tucked, bend over and wiggle your breast into the cup, I think you’ll know it from there whether its supports you or not. 

The Strap 

I don’t have a well-endowed breast, so I always choose the balconettle style of bra, those that have low cut and straight designs across the breast. These types of bra come with detachable straps, they can also double as strapless support whenever you wear tube dress or halter tops. You can also play around with other fancy straps that come in various designs. Full breasted women should always consider the thickness of the strap; thin straps can cause pain in the shoulder and can cause bra mishaps along the way. 

Colors and designs 

I’m no adventurous when it comes to bra colors and fancy designs, I always stick to the basic color that is nude , it maybe boring but it’s the safest I can think. Well, our choices of designs and colors always is a reflection of our personality, so go and try on, but always remember the basics of it. 

Lastly, a good bra is an investment, they may be expensive but in the long run the price may be forgotten by the quality and comfort will always be remembered.

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