Shopping for your holiday wardrobe is always good fun; you get to rifle through racks of bright colours, thin linens and beautiful bikinis. If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to buy far more pieces that you’ll need for your holiday, and may well forget about the more practical items you’ll actually need for the beach! When you’re packing a bag with an enforced weight restriction for your flight, it’s more important than ever to carefully consider what you’re bringing along for your sunshine getaway. So if you’re going on a beach holiday, think about what you’ll need for the main part of it first - the beach - and then build up your holiday wardrobe based on that. Here are my top tips for packing for the beach and what key items you should remember... 

Maxi dress for cover-up

Which bikini? 

Your day by the sea will be much more enjoyable if you can take a swim when it gets too hot - that’s why you should bring a couple of swimming costumes or bikinis on your trip. There are some that are better suited for getting a tan, and there are some that will help you to maintain your modesty when you are amongst the waves of the sea - I’ve seen many a bikini related incident over the years. For the best of both worlds, removable straps may be the route to go down. 

Covering up 

When you’re sitting out in the midday sun, you might want to consider covering up some of your skin to protect it from the strong rays.
I personally bring along my printed maxi dress to the beach, but other good alternatives are kaftans, sarongs and thin shrugs. If you are going to a particularly hot location, look at bringing white linen material pieces along as they may be slightly more breathable. 

Finding shade 

Along the same lines as covering up, you should also think about how you can create some shade when you need it. Firstly, you can shield your eyes from the sun with sunglasses with tested protection. If you are travelling light, bring a hat along with at least; one with a wide brim will be the most effective. When you have arrived in your destination you will probably be able to buy an umbrella that you can dig into the sand for a shield from the sun. 

Relaxation time 

When you’re chilling out on the beach, it’s nice to enter your own little world. That’s why you might want to bring a couple of books (or a e-reader) or magazines with you. If you just can’t be bothered to read, an iPod or MP3 player might be more suitable instead. 

Need to spend? 

Even though the beach is (usually) free to go to, you might still want to bring a little bit of spending money with you for sunbeds, drinks, ice creams and the like. Don’t bring your entire holiday budget with you though as you don’t want to be worrying about someone nicking your stuff whilst you’re trying to relax. 

About the author 

Francesca Ewylem is a holiday rep from the UK who works in Majorca each summer. Her own beach bag consists of a floral maxi dress, wide brimmed hat and aviator sunglasses.

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