When are dealing with bulky or heavy furniture, it’s nice to put it on casters for easy movement. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good solution if the piece is not perfectly level. In the past, you could only level items by adding levelers to the legs, but then you couldn’t attach casters. With leveling casters, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Durability and Strength offers leveling casters made from engineered plastic nylon wheels and a diecast steel frame with aluminum alloy. This combination makes the casters from Access Casters strong and durable. They will last for years to come, and they are even appropriate for heavy applications. Soft Leveling Pad The leveling pad for these casters if made from chemically compounded rubber that is durable and safe. The rubber pads hold items firmly in place when you don’t want them to move, and the pads are easily adjusted for exact leveling. 

Ease of Use Roll the item when you want to and have it held firmly in place when you don’t. These caster easily switch from mobile to stationary, so you can move the furniture with ease and then quickly level it when it’s in the new location. Access Casters has leveling casters in three different sizes and with two different styles of attachment place. They are designed for ease of use and built to last for years. Whether you are adding casters to a kitchen island or a workdesk in the garage, these are up to the task and will provide you with the flexibility you need.


  1. carters really do the moving, this is really a big help to furniture owners

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  3. For those individuals who are planning to move furniture easily, it will be useful if you use gliders especially for large furniture. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.


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