There's no denying that most people don't like the smell of cigarette smoke at all. In fact, non-smokers find the smell terribly offensive. If you currently smoke, you've likely tried every smoke disguising spray under the sun to try and mask the odor of tobacco smoke. These work for maybe an hour, but then the scent evaporates. A better option for disguising cigarette smoke is Tasty Puff air freshener at Nirvana420.com. This air freshener can be applied directly to your tobacco drop by drop rather than sprayed into the air. The drops contain extremely concentrated scent that actually change the way the smoke you exhale smells. 

You will love the Tasty Puff freshener because in addition to making the tobacco smoke smell more pleasant, it will also make your cigarettes taste better! You can actually purchase fun flavors to try on your tobacco. If you're tired of the same old taste of tobacco, you'll really appreciate the drops. The more drops you use, the stronger the flavor and scent of your cigarettes will be. After using the Tasty Puff freshener, it's highly unlikely that you will ever choose to go back to the same old aerosol smoke masking spray again.

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