OFFICIALLY CROSSED: Sylvia Day's Bared to you

Not until mid 2000 that Sylvia Day made it to the shelves, that's a progressive assignment I yet have to know why. My first Sylvia Day experience was her book The Stranger I Married, I just happened to dust it from BookSale, the blurb was promising so I cashed it out and it turned out that it was one of my best reads back in 2008, from that day forward I’ve grown to love Sylvia Day, I must say she’s one of the brilliant authors of my time that once I get hold of her work, I can let go of the moment Henry Cavill will pass by. 

She released Crossfire Series last year, but I was dang preoccupied with life’s earning circumstance that I forgot I’d be making an hour appointment with Gideon Cross every single day, had he shared his wealth with me probably I could just have to wait for the guava to fall into my mouth, lol. 

Bared to you

Anyway, I’ve followed the brief and pleasurable life of Christian Grey. ELJames has written it enough to get through, probably because culturally I'm no bella practicing BDSM, can't find a grip of this sexual culture but for the sake of learning perspective I can tolerate - reading. Gideon Cross on the other hand was a character written to be reminisced so long as I live, he has his demons but for most part his way of communicating through his sexual exchange with Eva is lightly doable by anyone of his stature, who can't forget the limo exchange. Sylvia Day has a gift to play with words so sinuous you can’t put the book down. More than the graphically written steamy scenes - is how Day put up the story’s development into its right paces you'll bet your pet dogs to get the next in series.

This book was released last year and spoilers, reviews are all over, heck, I’m contemplating on buying Reflected to you, which is the second or skip it and move to Entwined to you, the third in series, haven’t decided yet. 

One thing I’m sure and have decided right after Gideon have growled slightly and attacked Eva with his kisses that banished the shadows and ghosts of their past, somehow – I’m officially Crossed!

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