I just came from our school’s curriculum briefing on Women, Health and Environment. We discussed possible subjects that’ll be included in this curriculum. We want it to be engaging and at the same time include topics that keep abreast with the current state of women involving health and environment. We we’re supposed to have just an hour meeting but towards the end we touched on women's menstrual cycle, napkins, tampons and all of these brand pads in the market and to my surprise, our exchanges went out of the usual.

If there’s one aspect of womanhood that blankets this topic it would be a woman’s menstruation. I long have accepted the fact that I’m an order that is designed to endure at least 40 years in my lifetime - a three-day period in a month changing pads and washing my private part clean with what TVCs recommended best for heavy days [though I read labels too] have a pack of pad included in my weekly grocery list - all these hemmed in a period called menstruation. 

According to study, an average woman can use at least 17,000 pieces of pads in her entire life’s menstrual phase and all of these pads are thrown back to the environment, not to mention the issues on health and ethical viewpoint involving substances used to manufacture these pads, some pads though are made from natural grade elements but you can’t just pack cotton, sell it and tuck it in your undies just like that, they’ve undergone industrial processes that involves by now a lot of chemicals in which to be honest they’re the hardest to pronounce, hence, why would I even care?

So, as an answer, environment advocates cried to manufacture environment-friendly pads – bamboo fiber pads, cloth pads were encouraged – but the call the convenience is louder than Mother Nature could yell, evidently, grocery stores alone has a whole lane of varied feminine brands that came dainty packed and handy at our most expediency – which as of writing I just realized my preferred brand don’t even have a stamped date when was it manufactured and until when can I possibly be safe using it. 

In an effort to somehow address this, a product innovation called menstrual cup is now available for inserting, yes, that’s how it works – you have to insert it right through your opening. This little silicon cup, as the name suggest works like a cup that catches your menstrual flow right inside you. You’ll have to have a good calculations of your flow possibilities as to when the cup is full [but not necessarily] and is ready for pulling to drain it, wash it and insert it again …. gross…. Yeah, that’s what I feel about this. The design, that looks like a little gummy funnel to me, allows the user to do Mother Nature a huge favor because according to the manufacturer, this silicon, gel-like cup can be re-used up to ten years … wow, that’s a lot of pads save out of the environ. 

I found this video on how a menstrual cup should be inserted, [there are a lot at Youtube actually] and to tell you, this is a serious matter that involve frankly women’s health and we still can’t find researches or articles pointing to the side-effects of this cup.  I too find it too taxing to insert.

But our serious meeting went comedic when the men in the group read out loud the comments on this video and made their ‘men’s POV’, the crazy yet realistic way. 

We ended our meeting with one male teacher commenting ... ‘Thank you Mother Nature for creating me male, at least I’m inserting my silicon from the outside and not poking it inside, hay, kayo talagang mga babae, kung ano-ano ang pinapasok nyo dyan, mamaya di na mapull-out yan, paano na?’ 

Yeah, you should be and make sure you scored the latest delivery without the pin holes on it, or ‘buhay kang bata ka and yes, paano nga kung di na ma pull-out yung cup? Scary!


  1. Mommy Vern, I can't imagine the inconvenience LOL

  2. Awwww... unsaon na lang jud if dili ma pull out. Tama to si Sir diha nga dili magpataka ug insert na kung anu-ano kay basig di ma pull-out. Hahaha Di jud ko ma try noon ani... bahala ka uroy mother nature.

  3. Hi! Excuse me, Which size is the lunette on the picture? Thanks.


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