MOBILE MAMMOGRAPHY: Will this be our Department of Health’s next project?

Physicians stopped making routine house calls early in the 20th century. As society and technology advanced, however, the old has become new again. Instead of a physician or dentist arriving on a doorstep with a little black bag in hand, mobile medical, dental and laboratory units can now arrive in a neighborhood. 

One of the more popular mobile programs these mobile units promote is the mobile mammography program. Few women enjoy these uncomfortable tests, and displeasure often shades one's willingness to schedule an annual or bi-annual exam. The mobility of certified testing equipment and highly trained personnel make these valuable diagnostic procedures much more convenient and less intrusive. 

Digital imaging mobile mammography
Digital imaging mobile mammography

The vehicle is often of a bright pink color, symbolic of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, but not always so. The equipment in mobile units are usually determined by the ordering agency. As with all medical care, a “one size may fit most but not all” approach is quite common. This trending allows full equipment customization that can include every piece of related technology you desire. 

Choose from five basic models, pick the required information, which might include a rigid-body digital imaging mobile mammography. Or opt from other dental, laboratory or mobile medical units from

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