Your high school career should be remembered as an enjoyable experience to reminisce on as the years go by. Of course, the memories aren't exactly great for everyone, which can't really be helped. Many people have unfortunately suffered from years of bullying and anxiety that make for an extremely troublesome way of life. 

However, even if one suffered in their own youth, it's important that you try to make the experience for your child to be more positive and beneficial. One of the great experiences of school is attending the prom. While it's often toted in the movies as a night to be shared with your favorite crush, you don't require a date to enjoy prom. 

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 In fact, plenty of friends simply go together as groups that aren't affiliated with a particular date at all. This will make for a fun, drama free night that's not dependent upon a guy. Of course, if your child is interested in dating, you should encourage her to go for it. 

It seems  to  be  the traditional thought that the guy should be the one to ask the girl out, but there's absolutely no reason  why it can't be the other way around as well. One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending prom is finding a wonderful dress and getting all dolled up. You  can  find a wealth of  discount prom  dresses  online, and  both  prom  and 2013 homecoming dresses at DressProm.net are also available. 

Just remember to relax and have fun, there are no expectations or requirements for your enjoyment.

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