The National Institutes of Health states on its website ( that "1) nine million women have used illegal drugs in the past year, 2) 

7 million women have taken prescription drugs nonmedically during the past year, and 3) more than 28,000 (70%) of the AIDS cases among women are drug-related." Furthermore, they state that almost half of women age 15-44 have used drugs during their lifetimes. This means that the woman sitting next to you in the office or at the restaurant could have been one of these women. Your daughter, friend, sister, or even your mother is apt to have been one of these women.

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Unfortunately, the public has been subtly conditioned to regard drug abuse as being a male problem. Perhaps that is because observing public media leads people to ignore the usage of illegal and nonmedical prescription drugs by women. Many types of drugs such as crack cocaine and methamphetamines are particularly addictive when used by any person, but women seem not to seek treatment as quickly as men and boys and therefore are likely to be more solidly implanted in the addiction before receiving help.

Drug addiction has side effects that add to the problems of women - depression, mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as bodily health issues such as vitamin deficiencies, obesity, anorexia, and other mental issues. Social side effects vary from child abuse, neglect, poverty, failure in school or college, and inability to achieve gainful employment.

As social mores become less restrictive, drug and alcohol abuse becomes more prevalent in the general population and in women. Women need to be encouraged to seek counseling and help from qualified counselors and facilities as soon as possible.

It is  unfortunate  that  facts  and  figures  often  do  not  persuade  anyone  to  seek  help  in  drug  addiction.  Even if you are not involved in drugs, you owe a duty to your community and your sisters to advocate knowledge and use of reasonable facilities such as Inspire Malibu. Be sure that you are informed of the signs of drug abuse and addiction and have the courage to suggest that your friends and relatives seek help. 

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