There is something particularly sexy about a man wearing a hat. The airport scene in Casablanca would have lost some of its charming mystique had Humphrey Bogart not been sporting a fedora. Rhett Butler's statement as he leaves Scarlett wouldn't have had the same emphasis minus the action of him jamming a hat on his head. Can you picture Crocodile Dundee bareheaded with no wide brimmed hat embellished by the alligator teeth trimmed band? Would Indiana Jones have had the same allure without his signature modified fedora? Of course not! Or what about Burt Reynold's as the Bandit- when Sally Field tells him to take his hat off- well, we know what that meant!

Brad Pitt with cowboy hat

Hats are more than a fashion statement that make for charismatic hunky heroes. Added to a man's wardrobe they help define their personalities. Ask someone to describe a cowboy and the first thing they say is probably cowboy hat. And who would trust a state trooper without a hat? Men can showcase their magnetism with a hat that makes a statement. There are tons of choices and sites for choosing just the right one.

They can shop safari hats at KillerHats.com for an excellent selection of irresistible styles. Who knows- they might even decide a hat is good for keeping the sun out of their eyes and the rain off their heads!

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