Your uniform says a lot about you. A uniform with a company logo and your name on it says that you work for a professional organization. If you are able to keep your uniform clean, it says that you and your employer care about the work that you do. Therefore, you should get your uniform from a company that can provide something that looks great and stays clean. 

 Lady Chef Coat
 Lady Chef Coat

The reason why you wear a uniform is to let customers know who you are and what you do. It makes it easier for a customer to determine who is bringing up their room service or who is going to be cleaning their room. It is a waste of customer time to accidentally ask a maid where the room service is or asking the maintenance guy when check-out is. 

Maintenance hotel uniforms at allow employees to look and feel their best. When workers look good, they are more likely to feel good about themselves and their employer. When workers feel good, they are more productive and focused on their work. This helps customers stay safe, employers get more for their payroll dollar and workers stay on track for a possible promotion due to their production.

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