It was a friend who came from Cebu City that handed me a set of these GT Cosmetics products. It came with bleaching cream, moisturizing cream, whitening cream, a facial cleanser and two other soaps. But since I’m into another cream regimen I forego using the creams but tried on the Carrot Lotion and the soap instead. 

I’m not new to these products as I often see them prominently displayed at my frequented grocery store. In the beginning I really thought of carting off this Carrot Lotion but for some budgetary reason I often put it at the bottom of the list, until I was given this set. Seldom we can see lotions that are named after its main ingredient, and I must say it’s one of the reasons why I got charmed by this. 

We all know that carrot, yes I love munching raw carrot, has compelling component to benefit us humans. It contains beta-carotene that when used as an ingredient for lotions can be a very effective substance to reduce the risk of sunburn. GT Cosmetics Carrot Lotion came in 4 in 1 formula – whitening, moisturizing, body concealer and a 60 Sun Protection Factor (SPF). 


I always like personal care products that are packaged in squeezy bottles, they’re convenient to use and so as this lotion. I like that the expiry date is stamped conspicuously, this way customers wouldn’t be misled of the termination of the product. The bottle also prints the ingredients, the directions on how this product should be used and what it promised. It stamped the manufacturer's name and address so that in cases where you have complains you can easily reach them. 


The lotion comes in muted orangey-pink color. I love its subtle and mild sweet scent. The consistency of the product is just right and when applied it leaves a velvety feel that conceals skin aging imperfections leaving it smooth and toned. This bottle contains 100ml of healthy and natural carrot goodness. 

I highly recommend it. The next time you see this on the shelf, pick one and try it for yourself. 


As I’ve said earlier the package that was given to me comes with two other soaps, the papaya and the bleaching soap but I thought it would be a perfect pair if I’ll use the carrot soap with the lotion. So here trying the carrot soap out.

Again, what’s good about this product is that it laid down all the information a customer needs to know in the package - the ingredients, the precautions, when it was made and when it’ll be expired.


It also has a Halal seal meaning it guarantees that this product is lawfully allowed, legal, permissible to use under Islamic Law and that is passed test on genuineness, wholesomeness, cleanliness, best quality and is fit for human consumption.  


The soap is a pure herbal extract from Carrot and just like the lotion, it promised skin whitening and is anti-aging.

It has a mild sweet scent and does not leave your skin tensed but rather supple and smooth. It also lathers well so it can strip off dirt and other blemishes in the skin.The bar of 120g is just a right grip for the hand, not too big nor too small.

I tried it and I feel good using it, hence I recommend it.


GT Cosmetics is on Facebook you can like them at
Or follow them on Twitter at


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