Summer's end is quietly sneaking up, but that does not mean it has to end in a sleepy little lullaby; let it go out with a pop, boom, bang. There is no better way to say goodbye to summer than by hitting the clubs, walking the boardwalk, or finally going out on that long-wanted date, just one last time. The last few weeks of summer are meant to be celebrating memory-making nights, and every woman knows that a perfect night starts with the perfect dress. Or, not ready for summer to end, taking a tropical vacation? Don't forget to find that special dress to show off your inner goddess in. A mini dress means never having to say goodbye to hot nights or good times. 

Crimson Floral Print Round Neck Lacey Mini Dress

Sleeveless Ruffles Falbala Flower Chiffon Mini Dress

Mini dresses are a playful, flirty way to add sparkle to any night; a little chic, a little risque, tons of fun. Ever-pretty offers a wide variety of these coy little dresses. There are solids, patterns, silks, polyesters, one-shoulders, studded, rhinestones, and so much more to choose from. The color selections are enough to embellish the barest of closets; white, to midnight blue, to a deep purple peacock. Many of the dresses are perked up with jewels, ribbons, bows, sequins, and lace overlays. The styles run the gambit of strapless, butterfly-sleeve, v-neck, bat-wing, empire waist, and then some. To say the least, the selection is varied enough to find any woman the right look and fit. And don't forget, after the dress, there are accessories!

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