The E20-326 Exam is necessary for candidates who wish to qualify for the track of EMC Technology Architect Symmetrix Solutions Specialist. Those who wish to complete it successfully must demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the area of Symmetrix solutions and specifically the methodologies, procedures, and tools used to create these solutions. Continue on to gain a greater understanding of what the content of this exam entails and consequently how you might come to pass it. 

What Products Will Appear On The Test? 

You cannot know for sure exactly which products will appear on the test because there are many that are likely to appear. Some of the products that you can be pretty sure that you will see include TimeFinder/Snap, TimeFinder/Clone, SRDF/A, SRDF/S, Tier Advisor, Open Replicator, Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST), and Symmetrix VMAX Series (Enginuity 5875). You may find many more products referred to on the test than just these, but this is a good beginning list for you to go off of. 

What Subject Areas Will Appear On The Test? 

The first major subject area that will be covered is that of data gathering methodology. Within this subject, candidates will be expected to know about assessing the current environments of customers and getting clear on what customers need and expect. The tools for data collection, analysis, and design will also be featured. Symmetrix VMAX best practices is the second major subject area that will be found on this test. To learn both these subject areas and their many subtopics, go to Their study packages are amazing.

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