A bedroom should be a place of refuge - a breath of fresh air. It should inspire instant relaxation, warmth, comfort and sweet dreams. Too often, however, it’s a nightmare. It’s a bad habit of homeowners to focus on every other room of their house and neglect the one that matters to them the most. Bedrooms can easily become a dumping ground for miscellaneous household items, laundry and paperwork.

Well, it’s time to take back your bedroom and make it your own again. A few simple bits of design inspiration can turn it from a forgotten corner of the house to your own peaceful haven.

Light and Bright

Whilst you may think that a bedroom, a place to hunker down and get cosy in, would lend itself better to dark colours, lighter shades are a far better choice. Pale yellows, light sea greens and different shades of cream would a make the ideal colour palette for your bedroom.

Why? Lighter colours create the illusion of more space. The smaller a room feels, the more likely it is to seem cluttered and confined. Use light colours - including a bright white ceiling - to open up the space. Add a large mirror (ideally reflecting the window) to continue the illusion.
Lighter bedroom colours create the illusion of more space
Lighter bedroom colours create the illusion of more space
Sneaky Storage

Something we all know is that a nice bedroom is a clean one - no clothes on the floor, no stacks of paper on the bedside table, and no closets you’re scared to open.

Bedroom furniture that comes with built-in storage solutions is ideal for inspiring a more tidy space. For example, look for beds that have a hidden drawer built underneath or behind the headboard. Add shelving that allows you to display items in an organised way.
Shoe Storage Solution
Shoe Shelves solutions
A Personal Touch

Finally, you must stake your claim on your bedroom. Remind yourself that it’s yours, and only yours (or perhaps yours and the person you share it with). Add a personal touch by framing photos of your favourite people, places or memories. Keep a bookshelf of only your favourite books (organise them by colour to add an extra spark to the room).

If you’re bold enough, create a feature wall with a hand-painted mural (use a stencil if you’re not confident in your art skills). Display the items that matter to you most, and get rid of all the rest.

The time to stop neglecting your bedroom is now. You need that space, and at the moment, it needs you.

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