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A woman who works in an occupation where she stands most of the day will likely want to find a pair of support hose to incorporate into her work outfit. These types of hose are made of breathable fabric that allows a woman's skin to get plenty of air while on the job. This can prevent the itchiness that can occur when hose are made of non-breathable material. Discover some other reasons why women purchase these kinds of hose for work.

A pair of hose with the proper support fits a woman in a secure way. She doesn't have to adjust them or pull at them during the day. They stay in place so well that in many cases she may forget she's wearing them.

Many hose that offer women support are available in a variety of colors. Though panty hose are a practical item, they can also coordinate with a woman's work outfit to make her feel more attractive. Some women like to purchase several colors of hose so they can vary the outfits that they wear to work. They want the support as well as the fashionable style.

Finally, women appreciate the ability to put on and take off the hose that provide them with support. After a day of working, most women want a pair of hose that they don't have to struggle to remove. Unfortunately, if a woman has trouble taking off or putting on hose, there's a chance for the hose to be torn or otherwise damaged.

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