Hi ladies, you know Pamela Satran? That Glamour List columnist? She had this list and I felt I should share as it just knocked me off while on my way to school. Heck, when should I be learning by heart and soul No. 1.

  1. How to walk away from a dirty kitchen.
  2. When it’s business, not personal. 
  3. How to look in the mirror and, despite the extra 15 pounds, the egg on your shirt, and the P30 haircut, THINK YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! 
  4. When it’s better just not to talk about it. 
  5. How to take out your anxiety on a boxing. 
  6. Why it’s not your job to make everybody else happy. 
  7. How to believe you can drive a stickshift, build shed, climb a mountain, or start a business, even if you’ve never tried it before. 
  8. How to believe the horoscope only when it’s good. 
  9. Why it’s okay to be friends and competitors at the same time. 
  10. How to forget a birthday and trust they’ll love you anyway. 
  11. When it’s just about sex, and why that might be okay. 


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