Sarongs, those brightly colored and fantastical garments that are sweeping beaches the world over, are the perfect cozy piece of clothing to pack for that tropical vacation or just to have on a hot summer day. If a bathrobe is too heavy and stifling during the hot months, a sarong is a great substitute. They also make great towels to lay out on or when spread over the grass offer a comfortable place to sit during a picnic or nighttime family movie in the park. Some women even fashion quick handbags out of them when in a jam. They are worn as long and short skirts, halter dresses, draped tops and tube tops, and bathing suit cover-ups. Even men don them for their light-weight and convenience. 

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With their increasing popularity, sarongs have expanded in colors, sizes, and material. Animals, mystical beasts, tribal swirls, Celtic knots, floral, sunsets, sunrises, beaches, tye-dye, and many more patterns adorn sarongs now. The colors are often vibrant and shocking, but there are pastels and dark colors available, too. Sarongs began as mostly cotton, but they are now in a range of materials from cotton to silk. It used to be on beaches or in tropical countries that sarongs were available for purchase, but waiting until hitting a beach to buy a sarong is in the past. A quick internet search will bring sarongs to fingertips in seconds. is one such website. Their sarong selection is vast and varied. They offer twelve different sarong categories: floral, solid, smoked, hand-painted and embroidered, tie dye, high-end pertama, celtic, half and mini, plus sized, cotton, lightweight kedua, and silk. Most of these are self explanatory, but what is smoked, pertama, and kedua? A smoked sarong refers to a special way of dying, which creates the unique patterns. Pertama refers to a higher thread count, meaning that these sarongs tend to be a little bit heavier, though still lightweight, and more durable. The kedua sarong is one that has more modern designs and are made for the economically conscious buyer. Another great thing, their sarongs all come from Indonesian craftmen, who FairWindsSarongs works closely with. 

In addition to offering a plethora of sarong styles, there are also sarong accessories, how-to-wear guides, and cleaning and care tips. And for the non-sarong buyer, there are men's shirts, sundresses, long dresses, scarves, hats, bags, and jewelry also available for purchase.

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