The number of women opting to have a boob job has been on the rise lately, with a whopping 35% increase in the number of operations since 2012. In the USA it’s thought that as many as one in three women have had a boob job. The increase is so large, that all the implants used could fill the whole of an Olympic sized pool. That’s a huge number of implants if you consider that each one is only the size of a burger bun. So why this sudden increase in breast enlargements?

Believe it or not, most women are not looking for a Katie Price, glamour model sized breast. According to the average enlargement is only two cups, so women are choosing a much more subtle, natural looking breast. As the boob job becomes more and more socially acceptable, the reasons for women turning to surgery are becoming more personal. It’s no longer a vanity mission, with women looking for career worthy breasts, it seems to be more a way of dealing with long standing insecurities. 

Many women have reported that their motivations for choosing a boob job started with feeling flat chested and insecure with their bodies. A surprising number of women are turning to the operation following child birth, with the act of breast feeding causing the breasts to sag or shrink. Many women have spoken out about how they used surgery to give themselves a fuller upper breast, to match the shape and size of their boobs when pregnant. The number of post birth boob jobs is on the increase. 

As boob jobs are becoming more acceptable in the wider society, it seems that more women who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts are feeling confident enough to do something about it. The surgery is no longer seen as an act of vanity, but as a way to rid long standing insecurities and gain more basic body confidence. Perhaps it’s also a greater understanding and more discussions of the topics that have caused the inflation in the boob job market. 

A boob job operation involves the patient being put under general anesthetic. The surgeon will cut the breasts in a choice of areas, most women choose across the nipple as it’s less visible. Implants are then inserted that create the desired size.

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