If you want to find a gift for a woman fast and you aren't too worried about making her jaw drop or ensuring that she will love the gift, you can walk into any jewelry store at the shopping mall. They will sell you a standard pearl necklace or perhaps a bracelet with what look like perfect pearls. Your recipient will smile, thank you and walk away with something new. 

If you are more concerned about finding a gift that your recipient will truly appreciate and love, then you have to give more thought to the jewelry you select. The white pearls you pick up at random jewelry stores are nice, but they are no longer enough to impress most women. This is especially true of women who know the other options currently available. 

9-10mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Bracelet

In order to give a gift of pearls that does impress the special woman in your life, look for something more exotic or out of the norm. Look for pearls that do not match all the others in her jewelry box. When she opens that gift box and sees something that she could not have thought to ask you for, she will spend more time admiring your gift, wearing your gift, and thanking you for your gift. 

How do you make pearls something extraordinary or unexpected? You look for Tahitian pearls. These pearls are about the same size as the standard white pearls you are used to purchasing, but that is where the similarities end. These pearls have darker, metallic colors and are among the most unusual looking pearls available on today's market. 

Color Selections 
If  you  thought  pearls  only  had  one possible color, it is time to visit a jewelry store or click here for more information on these unique pearls. You can select from bracelets and necklaces that have multi-colored pearls or those that have one color of pearl. These colors are shiny and intriguing like white pearls, but they are much darker and the shades are unexpected. 

Some of the colors you will see in this type of pearl include the following: Purple Blue Silver Gold Black There are different shades for each of these colors, and they look stunning when combined in a single piece of jewelry. 

Explore the Market 
Before you rush into your local mall to pick up another strand of white pearls, look at what is now available on the market. You will find many pieces that your special lady will love online, and these options are quite different from what you may see shopping at the local mall.

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