My 2013 can be summed up to be awesome and humbling. I have met great people that exhibited the qualities that I know would make them my good friends – they’re crazy and fun. Some of my laid plans in 2013 weren’t materialized though, but those were the things that I know won’t work out at the moment as they’re beyond the bounds of my powers and resources, like working on world peace, lol. 

But generally, 2013 went beautifully nutty. I call it so as life isn’t always a bed of roses, especially when you’re feeding three mouths and running around to make ends meet paying utilities. Sometimes it’s also a row of multi-colored ‘baho-baho’ and patches of ‘makahiya’. But seriously, right now I’m up with my five major life design project. Well, life experts suggest that you have to make your devices clear so you can work your way to accomplishing it. 

So here, I hope I can pull this all together. 

Get to walk and feel the Charles Bridge

Goal #1 
Get to walk and feel the Charles Bridge. Read am.bi.tious /amˈbiSHəs/. Hahahaha. I’m a crazy devotee of anything Praha. There’s something about the red roofs of this European city that draw me like a bee to a flower. Moreso, the Charles Bridge. I have read practically all Literature that has mentioned this bridge; watch countless of movies even Korean Dramas that made this viaduct a backdrop. 

 I want to be here not just a sightseer that take selfies of all sorts and angles but a traveller that can feel beyond the bricks and bones of this somewhat ominous structure that haunt me since the moment I swore to be a disciple of Kundera and Kafta. 

ephemerality and the beauty of life

Goal #2
Get to experience the wonders of Cherry Blossom. I know this ‘hana’ represent a thick cultural milieu of the Japanese people, it’s written all over. But to get into the place of the actual cultivar and to experience why it metaphored the ephemerality and the beauty of life - can definitely get me to the last of my goals in 2014. 

Imagination is the limit

Goal #3
Reliving my creatives. Precisely why our civilization has advanced to where we are today. Our forefathers had used their imagination, they solve problems, they look at things in new ways, they make stuff from nothing, they dream, they explore, they fantasize and most of all they make it happen. 

I don’t want to be just a consumer in my lifetime; somehow, in whatever way possible I can manage to get my fifth goal done and that at the end of my life at the gates of heaven when I stand before God, I can proudly say, ... 'Lord, I've exhausted every single bit of talent and I've used everything you gave me and have lived my humanity you've expected of me' ... [and hopefully I get a chance to choose what kind of life to live in my second life, if there's such a thing]

lighthouse in Batanes

Goal #4
Get on to a top of a lighthouse in Batanes. There’s something about this idea that’s borne so beautifully mysterious to me. I can’t get settled with my fifth goal not until I get to feel that kind of cagy, wonderfully eerie force that I thought I would be feeling when I get there, or would I really be feeling that? I’m beginning to sound odd, Am I? I plan to get there in times where others dread to go - storm season. And I should be travelling – alone! Gaaahhh, I can now feel my gut churning. But I think I just have to trust Stephen King saying that, the scariest moment is always before you start. 

I’m doing a self pep talk right now … ‘do it now or you’ll be too old and regret it for the rest of your life’. 


Goal #5
Write my manuscript. I have been writing since I can remember. But I write to get paid and to get my client’s messages across in compositions following their terms and jargons. I hope I can put all my stances together and get my pages in press. 

I also take this opp to thank my mentor-priest for believing in me that even before I can get started assumed I had my manuscript done. Thank you for being the unforgiving editor that you are. Your green pen ink that crushes all that I wrote that signals me to start all over again is just awfully painful – seriously, it hurts the bird brain in me … arrgghh! But you always say, ‘you can write better than this.’ 

I told myself before, someday I will write a book and I’m taking my mentor’s word – today, is my someday. 

What’s your goal? It would be my honor if you could share your aspirations with me this 2014. 

 Let’s get our elan vital flowing!

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