The collared golf shirt seems to have become the standard uniform for anyone making an appearance on teeing ground. For most observers, golf is the one sport that seems to allow participants to wear an individualized uniform that allows for personal style. Players can wear any color shirt they choose paired with a variety of bottoms like shorts, slacks or knickers and not violate any kind of dress code. 

Peter Millar Women's Golf Shirts

Most do not realize that golf shirts are specifically a sport designated garment because of their cooling qualities. Players need to be perspire without the worry of sweat-soaked clothing becoming too heavy and affecting their game. Golf shirts are made from moisture wicking fabrics and take sweat quickly to the outer surface of the shirt where it evaporates. When a golfer is not disturbed by drenched clothing or clammy skin, he is able to better focus on playing. 

Peter Millar golf shirts offer enough varieties to cater to personal favorites. These shirts are made from mercerized cotton or comfy stretch jersey material. There is also a couple of varieties on the Polo classic with knit collars. The satin washed polo has a shorter length for those who do not like to tuck and a trimmer waist for better body contouring. This best seller also features shorter Raglan sleeves for a more contemporary look. 

The chance to choose a golf shirt seems to also be a chance to make a style statement. Knowing that the standard shirt is engineered to control moisture leaves the buyer free to focus on other features for purchasing. The range of colors and style elements available gives golfers a lot of room to just be themselves.

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