Jewelry designs can be very creative and sometimes even shocking. There is an array of pendant options that can be easily attached to any expensive necklace. Trying to buy bullet necklaces is an example of purchasing unique jewelry pieces. Traditional jewelry shops may not have any unusual or shocking designs in stock. Nevertheless, it is easy to find virtually any type of jewelry piece online. 

Bullet themed jewelry pieces can be appealing to individuals with a background in the military. Men and women can proudly wear necklaces that feature specific bullet pendants. The pendants are made of actual ammunition and rounds taken from firearms that are used in combat. A whole bullet cartridge is essentially worn on a necklace. 

Shoppers can specify the specific bullet gauge and diameter when looking for such unique jewelry pieces. However, jewelry that contains real or replica bullet cartridges must be marked. For example, the tips of bullet cartridges must have colored finishes according to federal regulations in the United States.

Bullet cartridges are usually made of brass, a material that is somewhat shiny and fits in well with necklaces made from gold or silver. There are also pendant designs that have actual shotgun shells and rounds. Such pieces usually show the cross section of a real shotgun round. Another wild jewelry design idea includes an entire chain or necklace that is completely decorated with an array of bullets. A stainless steel chain goes well with bullet themed pendants for a tough and robust appearance.

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