HAPPY FEET MAKE A HAPPY PERSON: Anatomy of a happy, healthy foot

Our feet take us to where we want to be. They help us move through and see the world. Often, we tend to overlook caring for them thinking, no matter what, they’ll never leave us and they’ll always be there to support us. But if we want to keep our feet bear and support us longer and stronger, it’s just but right to give them proper care and maintenance. 

Here are 3 simple steps on how to take care and make our feet happy; 

Smoothen and relax them. A foot spa and a nice pedis done regularly will make your feet happy and soft. A DIY can be a very good idea as it is inexpensive and you can do it at your own pace. But there’s nothing so relaxing like a day trip to the spa being serviced by expert foot masseuse with tea and dimly lit scented candles on the side. Schedule yours today, believe me; you’ll thank me for this. The after feel is like foot freedom from being chained for so long - light and easy. 

Get rid of the fungus. Damp feet can cause bacteria to grow so make it a habit to dry your feet before putting on socks or slipping in to your shoe. I also recommend you do warm sea salt soak regularly. Sea salts have good curative powers that speeds us healing of fungal infection. Add a generous amount of lemon juice and few drops of essential oils just to keep your feet moisturized. Believe me, I monitored someone did this and with patience, he went wandering with yeast free feet 

Get feet support. Long standing can make your feet sore. Podiatrists suggest you wear insoles that will make your shoe more comfortable. But if you can afford it, buy expensive shoes, pricey ones are often made for comfort and style, though it doesn’t always follow, but in most cases, it does. 

Now, I'd like to share with you an infographic on the anatomy of a healthy foot, hope this will help to make you a happy person with a feet happy :)

The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot: Why Happy Feet Make a Happy Person

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