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OK, I’m into this every January of each year. Having lived with a lot of Chinese people around the compound, I can’t get away with my life's fortune without having to sit on our stairway and wait for my life’s verdict and know how it will go for the rest of the year. 

Alright, so my fortune has been laid out to me like I thought was a red carpet full of sound anticipation - glitz and glamour. But I had a fight with the fortune teller before him ruling out a verdict therefore, my life would be; 

Horse doesn't like Rat at all. In other words my life would be doomed in 2014! Hahaha [I could have brought peace offering had I known he’d scare the crap out of my mini brain. LOL. I know you’d read this bofu, hahaha, thanks for scaring the mousy in me and also for the generous antidotes.

According to my bófù and to this site called, the rat [that’s me] will have a tough year this year, as horses despise rats to the bones. Rat contains water. Horse contains fire and earth. Earth can make water disappear and bring pressure on rat. [How sad is that?] To fight with fire and Earth, Rat water will be exhausted in 2014. Therefore, Rat people will feel not enough energy in 2014. And etc., etc., etc. all the bad stuff. 

What is just so good about these predictions is that, there are ready antidotes much potent than the poison itself. And of course, the human mind that works to command your shoulders to shrug the bad and think only of the good. 

But I’ve rule my life’s own verdict, the rats will ran the race this year – fiercer, stronger, faster, trickier and will get to the finish line way ahead of the horse. Who knows it’ll be another turtle and hare story. I’ve no doubt it’ll be. 

What’s your Chinese fortune in the year of the wooden horse? If yours will turn out bad just like what my bofu told me, don’t worry, there’ll always be dragons, mystic knots and evil eyes of all shapes and sizes available year-round at Chinatown to counter bad luck – that if you’ll not go for other option of working on your good luck around.

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