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Creating your own unique style is the best way to be noticed and feel comfortable. From clothing to jewelry, there are dozens of styles to choose from to build a wardrobe that suits your personal tastes. A classic look is one that transitions from work to evening seamlessly, providing you with a no-fuss wardrobe that doesn't require a lot of maintenance over time. You can begin building a classic wardrobe by choosing a few staples for your closet that work well with a wide selection of dresses, suits and casual wear. 

Standard wool blend pant and skirt suits don't have to be boring to be suitable for the office. Wool is a wonderful option for winter wear and is now available in a wide range of blends and colors to fit your style perfectly. Opt for a bright red wool suit for the holiday season or choose a soft cashmere sweater to wear with a basic black skirt and jacket combination. You will stay warm even during the coldest winters with a worsted wool jacket in a neutral color. Neutral colors such as chocolate brown, navy and black are excellent staples for a classic wardrobe. Neutral colors and classic styles can be worn for several winters without investing in new winter wear. 

Your accessories are also important to consider when building a classic wardrobe. Opt for silk scarves from high end designers to give basic outfits a burst of color. Silk scarves can be worn in dozens of different ways and will retain their fashion value very well over time. You can spice up your accessories by adding sparkling jewelry that is affordable and trendy for the season. During the winter, opt for bold rhinestone jewelry that is colorful while statement pieces are just right for pairing with a dress during the summer. Gold and cubic zirconia is an excellent option anytime of the year to add flash and style to your outfit. Your jewelry can be worn almost infinitely when you opt for quality pieces that suit your wardrobe well.

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