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Our hip is the joint where our pelvis bone and thigh bone meets. It is also called the ball-and-socket joints because the ball-like end of our thigh bone moves within a socket-like space in our pelvis. Our bodily circumstance every now and then can cause pain in this area. Most often, this hip discomfort impedes our ability to do our everyday undertakings. 

Pain in the hip can result from a number of reasons - abnormalities of the nerves, skin, bones, joints, soft tissues and blood vessels. And treatments for hip pain depend on the motivating cause and our physical circumstance to take it. It is always advised though that one should see a medical expert when this occurs.

But when pain is manageable and you'd want first hand remedies to reduce your discomfort. here is a helpful information graphic on how you can help yourself reduce hip pain. 

The Ultimate Healthy Hip Guide

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