Rose gold is a fashion trend that just keeps getting hotter! When Katherine Zeta Jones hit the Palm Beach celebrity runway wearing this gorgeous pink metal, the world took notice. Not only does rose gold go with other metals, it looks fantastic in both delicate and daring combinations. Rose jewelry, like that found in the stunning rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from Michael Hill Jewelers, can be worn year-round. The secret is to find rose-gold that suits your budget… then mix it up with the right accessories and styles. 

What is Rose Gold? 

ROSE GOLD JEWELRYSo what exactly is rose-gold? Although it is one of the hottest fashion trends, this beautiful metal has been around for thousands of years. First discovered when copper and yellow gold were mixed during smelting, this warm red mixture has been enhanced by jewelry designers worldwide. The more copper, the warmer the shade of gold! Red-gold is an equal mixture of gold and copper. Rose with a hint of yellow often contains zinc, and luxurious Crown gold is made from 22 karat yellow gold. The most reasonably priced rose-gold jewelry contains 10 karat gold. Although formed with less gold, it achieves the same lovely look at a much lower price. Additionally, you can cut the cost of your jewelry by purchasing plated gold. 

Accessorizing with Rose Gold: 

Finding the right accessories, to set-off the warmth of the pink gold, requires complementing the passion nature of the metal. While trendy, this can be a difficult to achieve… however, when you combine the right pieces, it’s possible to really rock the look! Rose gold pairs up beautifully with copper-toned accessories, because it contains copper. Fortunately, this year just about anything goes. Fashion is about mixing, matching, and layering in ways that will bring out your unique style. Metals can be worn together, especially when grouped with softer tones, like antique silver and gold. And, this rosy alloy, when worn with white, creates an amazingly stunning combination. It also pairs up naturally with turquoise, Colorado topaz crystals, and with the latest trend…mosaic turquoise. Add delicate diamonds, rose quartz, red crystal, and coral to offset the warmth of the metal, with style. How to 

Rock the Style: 

When it comes to choosing the right pieces to wear with rose gold, soft feminine designs can make a lovely statement. Vintage clothing in soft pastels, neutral hues, nude tones, and rich autumn shades bring out the copper undertones. The true beauty of rose gold is that it can be played up or down depending on the season and occasion. Because rosy gold tends to be naturally warm in color, it’s best to steer away from brighter yellows and choose shades that cool down the effect. Earth-tones: charcoal, khaki, brown, charcoal, and beige play up the metal’s luster beautifully, as do fabrics in jewel shades of coral and turquoise. Rose gold is exciting and versatile; a fashion investment that is here to stay, one that can be rocked for years!

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