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Stress is one of the factors why we can’t deal fully with our everyday task. People under stress have high symptoms of irritability, bad-temperedness that will eventually lead to other serious complications when not attended to. And I don’t want to stress you further, here are three simple steps to relaxation; you can do these exercises twice a day preferably in the morning and just before you go to sleep. 

1. Stretch your legs, feeling the tension in all your muscles. Stretch them tighter; hold for a few seconds. Then let go and feel the relaxation spread through all your muscles - in your toes, feet, calves and thighs. Do the same exercise with your arms, chest, stomach and back. Then take a very deep breath and hold it for about 5 seconds. Release your breath slowly feeling the tension and strain pouring out. Repeat this process twice. 

2. Think of a pleasant scene that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Feel the sensation of relaxation, set your mind to think only these words, ‘I feel calm and relaxed.' 

3. Get a massage. Massage is one of the oldest methods known to humans to bring a stressed body to relaxation. You can contact an acupuncturist Calgary for appointment to start your session. This kind of body work can alleviate pain and muscle spasms. It can also relieve headache, shoulder and neck pain. Wellness experts say that touches from massages can lessen depression, promotes mental alertness and cupping Calgary massage center can offer this to further improve blood circulation and body flexibility. 

On a more personal level, despite changes and hassles of whatever life has to offer me, my philosophy had not change a bit. In our present time and space, stress is given. Nobody gets out of this planet alive anyway, so let's take things lightly, relax and take things slowly.

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