Since the moment I knew skin cleansers exist, I have fondly embraced its indispensability when it comes to my daily beauty ceremony. It has then become a mainstay in my drawer hygiene stash and I have found a good reason for it to be part of my beauty budget. 

I had just emptied the last of my basic bottle and thought I should drop by Watsons to pick up a new one. But you know, I’m just a vulnerable Eve that got so tempted to try a pretty, summer blouse tagged at 30% off the original price. It didn’t take me too long to decide (of course, when you want it, lol). And before I knew it, I was thrown out of my budget and oh my goodness, I know, this cleanser vanity of mine is really so out of the family card and I'm so out of my element to holding on to my financial mantra - control. But, I won’t be carting this out, swiping.  Read on why?

Minutes later I found myself standing in front of the ‘Face’ shelf tracing brands with my fingers and flipping boxes to see what fits, what’s left in my wallet. And then, I saw this DermKlens Skin Cleanser Advanced. It’s new to my eyes and the price, P79.00/60 ml is not so painful to see either. And so I thought I should try. 

As a consumer, this stamp is a mark of manufacturer’s assurance.
Always look for this whenever you buy one.

As a matter of personal beauty practice, I don’t just wash my BB creamed or foundationed face directly. Because doing so, I felt like the cream is still stuck thick in my pores and I know I’ll eventually have breakouts. Well, logically, most beauty creams we use are formulated with good amount of moisturizers and essential oils on it, hence, they clung to the skin. And, this is where this product (skin cleansers) is most useful to me. Skin cleansers aid in removing deep seated creams, thus, avoiding pore build-up and pimples eventually.

DermKlens Skin Cleanser is formulated containing these ingredients …
You’re reading this often, aren’t you?

I should just trust DermKlens telling me that their product is paraben-free and contains Vitamin E and chamomile extract. Well, this is all I could do, trust! Right? Given we’re all out of the picture when the cream was made and packed.

True to its promise, it is indeed colorant and perfume free. I like my skin cleanser light, meaning formulated to be squelchy and watery. This kind of cream consistency will allow me to buff in the cream easily and lightly. With DermKlens, it’s a bit heavy. The consistency is creamy and thick, so I’ll have to put in a little pressure to spread and polish the cream around my face which I'm not so sold at.


I use facial tissue to wipe off my facial top dirt and the applied cream. The scant period after wiping and before finishing the cleansing allowed me to test whether DermKlens lived up to its promise of leaving my skin soft, supple and not dry it off. Well, DermKlens has keep up to its promise. I like the after-effect - non-greasy, supple feel. 

DermKlens is definitely your next inexpensive skin cleanser option. The larger bottle at 100ml is priced P126.00, whereas this 60ml is way too affordable for only P79.00.

What I like about DermKlens Skin Cleanser? 
It’s very affordable and has lived up to its promise. 

What I don’t like about DermKlens Skin Cleanser? 
Consistency is thick and too creamy. Friction builds up before I can even round my face when applying the cream. 

Will I recommend DermKlens Skin Cleanser? 
Of course! You should try it to experience it. Got this from SM Watsons. Please don’t forget to come back and comment, let’s share notes about our product experience. 

DermKlens is proudly made in the Philippines by Kohl Industries Corporation. They fly a website on this address, and they're also on

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