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Pearls have been prized for their luster and beauty since ancient times. Though man has found a way to imitate nature, there's still nothing like a natural pearl. Whether you wear them as earrings, in a pendant or on a strand, pearls are the ultimate gift for yourself or another special person in your life. The Internet has made it easier to shop the world for the ultimate pearl collections, right form the privacy of your home. Due to the fact that online purchases are necessarily sight-unseen transactions, here are some guidelines to finding a reputable online retailer or wholesaler. 

1. Use search tools to find out about the specific type of jewelry you're interested in purchasing. Don't just look for suppliers, but look at the specific, like grading standards and measurements. 

2. Once you know what type of jewelry you want and a little about what to look for in the quality department, search for suppliers who specialize in that type of jewelry, whether it's gold, silver, gemstones or pearls. 

3. Know the ring sizes or other specifics for your jewelry purchase to make it easier when it comes time to order. This also enables you to know if the website you're considering has what you're looking for in the right size. 

4. When you're checking out websites, don't just look around at their selection. Check out their customer service policies. Some of the things you want to know about are: 
  • Purchase, return and exchange policies 
  • Customer service availability, such as chats and online representatives 
  • Warranties and certifications 
  • Shipping options and pricing 
  • Special deals 
  • Extra services, like customer education, informational forums, jewelry cleaning and fitting and repair service 
5. Search for customer reviews, particularly on objective websites that aren't directly connected to the merchant in question. Read good reviews and bad with an objective eye. A large amount of good feedback and return business is a sign that you're dealing with a reliable shop.

The Pearl Source is an example of an online supplier of quality jewelry. Websites like and similar places on the Internet try to offer their customers extra value by educating visitors on the unique features of their products, offering advice on product selection and other customer satisfaction initiatives that are meant to provide value above routine service.

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