Once upon a time, when you thought of cashmere, you thought of warm, heavy sweaters, probably cardigans. These days, cashmere comes in a plethora of delightful styles and weights. Whether you’re dressing up to go on the town, dressing down to spend a cozy day at home or dressing in your best style for a workday at the office, you can add some lightweight cashmere to your outfit for a touch of both class and comfort. 

Though cashmere is costly, its beauty and warmth can add classic style to your wardrobe, and it can have a long life if you launder it gently by hand and remove pills promptly. You’ll want to take good care of your cashmere, since it has a stylish versatility that lends itself to all sorts of fashion statements. For the lightest touch, you might want to try a cashmere t-shirt, whose softness will likely make you never want to go back to any other casual tee. A cashmere shawl can dress up a snazzy dress. Try pairing a light, neutral shade or a bold color with a dark dress in the evening. A cashmere wrap can hang loose over a tunic or tee or be wrapped around the neck more snugly like a scarf.

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