Massage is a relaxation technique that involves the gentle rubbing and manipulation of the skin, muscles and tendons. Often times, massage therapists may use their fingers, hands, forearms or elbows to rub and knead the skin and muscles. Although there are several different types of massage, these are the most popular: 

Deep Tissue Massage. A deep tissue massage involves using slow, forceful strokes to stimulate the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles. This type of massage is most frequently used to assist with muscle damage caused by sports injuries or car accidents. 

Swedish Massage. This type of massage involves long, circular movements and vibrations to help relax and rejuvenate the body.

Trigger point massage. This type of massage focuses on relieving tightness in specific parts of the body. Often times, the tightness is caused by overuse or injuries. 

Sports Massage. Much like a Swedish massage, this type of massage is used to help treat and prevent accident related injuries. Not only are massages known for being soothing for the body, but they may also be good for your health. 

Here are some potential health benefits of full body massage: 

Relieve Stress. For many people, massage can be a great way to relieve stress. Massage is often used in spa and clinical environments for relaxation purposes. 

Improved Circulation. The soothing strokes of a massage may help stimulate the movement of oxygen and nutrients to the organs and tissues. When this happens, it may result in improved circulation. 

Strengthen the Immune System. Getting a massage regularly may help increase the overall function of the body’s immune system. 

Pain Relief. In  addition  to  stress  relief,  massage may help alleviate pain and stiffness in some parts of the body. Over time, muscles can easily become tired and sore due to overuse or strain. A full body massage NYC may help stimulate the release of endorphins, a pain relieving hormone. Additionally, massage may help relieve the pain associated with migraines or sports injuries. Whether you are looking for a fun way to relax or a gentle way to soothe aching muscles, massage therapy may be able to help.

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