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Remember those times when airline companies would hand you a booklet for your flight tickets? 

I had my good share of that circa where my sole name is printed on a check-like sturdy paper and is tucked in a booklet. I thought, they’re perfect scrap book material for that sheet - 'my first plane ride' complete with tassels and fringes on the side. And would-be passengers at that time would be treated to a coffee while waiting for their flight to be booked. How cordial! Traveling in the heyday was enjoyed only by few privileged and I must say I was lucky I was one of those. 

And in just a matter of few flights back, I haven’t even rounded my country in backpack yet, this genial culture has changed so fast, so fast that in just a matter of seconds you get your flight confirmed on a lowly laser print-out and is more than enough to let you check-in and board the airplane. 

Aircraft technology, internet technology, fast-paced economy and the rise of tourism industry has made everything this fast and easy for everybody. Today, travelers who have access to internet can now freely find flights at their most convenient and at a rate so fit for everyone’s budget. And this sophistication does not end here yet; the rise of smart phones, smart pads and wireless technology has intensified this flying culture even more.

Smartphone travel applications are now on the rise to serve us more effectively, efficiently and conveniently, hence, access the most opportune and open schedules for our next flight to God knows where. Gone are the days where coffees are served to book for our plane rides. 

Our smart phones can now be loaded with the Best Travel App so we can check on our favored airline schedules and book our flight while on the go, what is more convenient is that even hotel bookings can now be done through this apps. As a matter of fact, as I write I’m browsing my efficient best travel app ever for a cheap accommodation, convenient flight schedule on seat sale to some place peaceful and quiet. 

Indeed, today's travel culture has changed. It has change to suit everyone’s lifestyle, it has changed to give everyone a possibility to see the world and somehow lessen our prejudice and biases as we engage with unique culture not so familiar to us.

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