Diamonds have gained a reputation for being some of the most desirable precious stones on the face of the earth. Jewelry shops often make most of their profits through the sales of diamond pieces such as engagement rings and earrings. 

Mainstream media has popularized the concept of engagement rings that come with big "rocks." A diamond piece is rated based on several important parameters that are set by gemologists. There are special charts that are used to evaluate finished diamond pieces based on the "Four C's."

The color of a diamond can range between colorless and yellow. Crystal clear diamonds are considered to be of the highest color rating. The carat weight of a diamond implies the size or weight of the piece. For example, a 0.25 carat diamond is usually one of the smallest pieces available for jewelry. A 5 carat diamond stone is of considerable size that's noticeable from a distance. Diamond Exchange USA is an example of a jewelry shop that specializes in selling high quality diamond pieces. 

The clarity of a diamond stone can be rated with descriptions such as flawless and internally flawless. These two terms indicate the best possible clarity for this precious stone. Inferior quality diamond stones have clarity ratings such as "slightly Included," which indicates imperfections trapped inside the crystals. 

The cut of a diamond is evaluated based on the type of polish and texture of this finished precious stone. Common diamond cuts refer to shapes such as heart, emerald and pear.

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