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A fancy night out to a gaming hall is what I always thought an exciting and fun experience. Not only that you’ll be enjoying with friends and or with your lover if you’re coming with one, you’ll also be meeting casual acquaintances, meet new friends or chanced on possible prospective business partners all at the same time. We never know, but chances are always high, so it is always recommended that one should dress appropriately to impress when you’re in a lucrative spaces like this. 

Now the question is, what on earth one should wear or what appropriate dress code one should observe when you plan a night out to a gaming den?

Unlike online gaming where you’ll simply be playing at the comforts of your home with flip-flops and oversize shirts on, and possibly with a bucket of popcorn and a can of soda on the side and leisurely do online routines at any time you have the desire to make the Roulettes board moving. Physical gaming on the other hand, is by far exceedingly taxing having to do all the outfit and make-up preps and planning, especially in choosing which ensemble to wear.

Apparently today, as what I’ve observed, there has been a regression when it comes to stringent gaming dress code in most casinos around the world. Operators deem it necessary for their clients to play in comfort and ease, hence the tolerance. But with the exemptions of those in London, Monte-Carlo and other opulent gaming clubs in Europe, they still go for the conventional routine where they require their clients to dress in their best before they can get into the hall. 

Well, again, it depends on the venue; some gaming clubs are more casual than others. However, if you are going on a gaming destination holiday or celebrating an occasion in one of the most glamorous gaming halls in the world, like gracing the richest casino - The Venetian Macao, then why not have some fun and dress like a High Roller? It is exactly the reason why you’re heading down here, right?

Men can use the opportunity to dress up like their favourite character from Ocean's 11 and put on a smart suit. Famous picks include a grey suit, a designer vested suit or the signature black which will turn a boy into a hot and highly bankable man on the table. 

Women on the other hand can also enjoy getting dressed up too. They’re the lucky stars in the hall you know, just be good to them and you’ll be seeing your fortune coming. Trust me! Ladies, if you want to go all out, you will find some fabulous full-length dresses on the high street as we speak or if you want something more understated then a cocktail style dress is perfect. But if you’re a lady gamer who care less about the bill on high labels, then its way better. Revealing a little of your skin won’t hurt you know, but do it with a little mystery at bay. 

As for accessories, flashy is always good. The bling bling always looks great on the tables. Long necklaces or dangly, diamond studded earrings go perfectly well with this night. High valued jewelry can unexpectedly work double in case luck flew out of the hall. And Oh, don’t forget to pair it then with your killer stilettos. 

So there, be fabulous and enjoy your night out!

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