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Once considered a luxury item, more and more households are coming to view humidifiers as a winter necessity. But do they have the right idea? Are humidifiers worth the money? Here are four reasons to think about joining the trend. 

1. Allergy Relief 
 Most people shop humidifiers for the relief they bring their sinuses. Not only will a good machine clear the nasal passages and aid decongestion, but some reports indicate that even the sight of a humidifier can trigger a placebo effect of easier breathing. 

2. Moisturizing 
Dry air, especially in winter, can lead to all kinds of unpleasantness. If you aren't suffering from nosebleeds and cracked lips, your skin is peeling and your hair is becoming brittle. Humidifiers can prevent all of this by introducing moisture to the atmosphere, allowing your hair to stay shiny and your elbows to remain as smooth as peaches. 

3. Restorative Properties 
Never underestimate the power of clean air to expedite the healing process. Stale, stuffy rooms that smell of medicine will only encourage you to wallow in your illness, whereas a humidifier will promote recovery, vitality and wellness. 

4. Snore Prevention 
Does your partner snore? Or are they ready to kick you out of bed because of your nighttime noises? Humidifiers can severely lessen the intensity of snoring by keeping your throat from drying out and producing sound. 

These are just a few benefits of owning a humidifier. Remember, you're only issued one set of lungs, so it's important that you give them good, clean air for a long and healthy life.

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