Are you considering a career as a special effects technician? A good start would be attending one of the accredited schools for makeup artists. Also called a special effects makeup artist, special effects technicians get to work in a variety of industries, from film and television to game and toy design. But this exciting career opportunity is still a mystery to many people. Many people think that special effects technicians only get to create monsters and zombies, but creature design is not all they do. To help shed some light on this relatively unknown career path, we’ve debunked two common myths about special effects makeup artists. 

You’re Stuck Designing Monsters 

While many people would love the opportunity to create creatures, not all special effects technicians do this for a living. In fact, many special effects technicians specialize in other types of special effects, such as character aging, creating bruises, and creating gelatin prosthetics. Some know how to create trauma injuries, while others apply fake tattoos. So if you’re not particularly interested in designing monsters, you can still learn other techniques at special FX makeup school. 

You’re Stuck in Film or Television 

If you don’t want to work in film or TV, you don’t have to. Special effects makeup artists learn how to apply makeup for film and TV, but that’s not all they learn. Special effects technicians also take makeup classes for game and toy design. Have you dreamed of designing characters for video games? How about designing toys? With the right skills and the proper education, you can work in other fields besides film and TV. You can also work for haunted houses and other theme parks.

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