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Some little girls have everything, so it is difficult to find gifts that they will appreciate and use. Teenage girls are difficult to please unless you give them gift cards or cash, but you may want to give them something fun to unwrap as well. Even shopping for grown women is difficult at times, especially if you don't know much about them personally. 

Whether you are shopping for girls of a certain age or a group of girls in mixed age groups, DIY gifts are always a good idea. These gifts give the women in your life something to do on weekends at home. They also appeal to girls and women with varying interests, so they know you put thought into the gift even if you don't know much about your recipient.

Types of DIY Jewelry Kits

Bracelet kits are one of the most versatile do-it-yourself gift options. Don't think about cheap beaded jewelry kits that are sold through discount stores. You can buy high-end kits with stylish designs and beautiful Swarovski crystals. You will pay more for these kits, but they produce jewelry that women and girls of all ages will enjoy wearing. 

You can find DIY jewelry kits with necklaces, rings and other types of jewelry, but bracelets are easy for girls of all ages to make. With some assistance, even young girls with no jewelry making experience can make their own bracelets. Kits with high-quality beads and crystals are enjoyed even by grown women who are able to quickly put the kits together unassisted. 

Selection Tips 

Think about the colors, symbols and designs that each of your recipients will enjoy wearing. Younger girls may prefer brightly colored beads with peace or infinity sign charms. Older women may enjoy gold, silver and black colors with more intricate bead designs. Even if you are purchasing gifts for a group of women, you can select a variety of designs and colors and allow recipients to trade until everyone receives the gift that they appreciate. 

You can also use jewelry-making kits for group events. Younger girls will have something to do while older women sit through a meeting, or the entire group can make jewelry together. These kits also make excellent gifts during the holidays when you need to purchase gifts for girls and women who you don't know on a personal basis.

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