Kristin Newman’s ‘What I was doing while you were breeding’

So this woman has just shifted career to something I don’t know yet. Lol. And to kill boredom in this period of liminality, I’ve sent to my iPad all the free books Amazon has in their online book inventory and don’t you dare raise those eyebrows at me, I know that look and I’m aware of the hashtag #freeloader … who cares. Jejeje.

But as gesture of mutual economic exchange, I bought Kristin Newman’s ‘What I was doing while you were breeding’, which I charged to my husband’s card, being a jobless me, lelz.

 photo What-I-Was-Doing-While-You-Were-Breeding1.jpgI was smiling the whole time I was reading this book. She’s hilarious, it’s nicely written and a refreshing read. Well, I suppose it should, she’s a Hollywood television comedy writer and I’ll demand a refund should it came out otherwise. She’s just so promiscuous by Filipino standard, but heck, she had enjoyed her life before finally settling, something people coming from stern mores apropos promiscuity didn’t revel in. 

Wish I’ve done so much in my youth, like do something without inhibitions, travel the world, date Brazilians and Russians without regard about my cultural mores and care less about social sanctions. Like just ‘do the things you’re supposed to do in a place you’re supposed to do it’. 

I know it’s not yet too late to do it, but thing with having mouths to feed, you have to drop everything to take on accountability. but it’s nice to read something that realizes that ‘what if’ in my mind. 

To all the ladies out there, you shouldn’t miss this for the world. It’s a great sexy, adventure to read on mastering the art of vacationship.

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