Having plans to backpack to Kerala? It’s a great choice to make; anybody is furnished with the greener, exotic delicacies of nature, the highway to comfort and peace. Here are few places you definitely want to experience at Kerala.

Alappuzha (Alleppey)

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To many, the first picture to run in their minds speaking of Kerala, The God’s Own country is it’s backwaters. And Alappuzha is the most charming landspace of Kerala for its gorgeous backwaters. Known by the name Venice of the East, Alappuzha brings the charm of the water world that is the very soul of the land- labyrinth of lakes, lagoons, freshwater rivers, traditional fishing, the life of its water-bound villages have made the land attractive beyond words to describe. Enjoy backwater tours, go deep to the very soul of the land and experience it uncut. Snake-boat races, (usually held every August), pristine beaches with coconut palms, marine and coir products industries will bring you the experience of a lifetime.


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Another water world to experience. Kumarakom has become synonymous with backwater cruises around the world! It is a scenic bunch of little islands on the Vembanad Lake, said to be the land formed by the accumulation of sediments. The extremely fertile soil here shaped it as a tropical paradise to hold mangroves, paddy fields and coconut plantations. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary has birds like Waterfowls, Wild Duck, Herons, Darters, Egrets, Teals and he Siberian Stork, but migratory and seasonal birds can also be spotted, and a field day at Kumarakom along the sands and shallow waters can bring lot collectibles, shells and other sea deposits. But a visit to Kumarakom can never be complete without experiencing the several Vallamkali (boat races) held between June-September, so it’s the best to plan the trip accordingly.


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The name only means ‘grove of coconut trees’ and that’s exactly what you find here, the crescent shaped beach raisins tall coconut palms. Kovalam is internationally renowned as the best beaches in the world and for its three beaches shaped like crescents. It’s clean, soft off-white sand is typical, the gradual gradient that let you walk a long way in to the sea, the cliff on the beach creates a bay of calm waters making it a preferred sun bathing spot. And for its post card perfect landscapes, Kovalam is hailed the Paradise of South. Enjoy the fine seafood delicacies here, fresh meals of lobster, prawn and fish the way you prefer, grilled or curried.


The Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary together with the Periyar forests of Thekkady is one of the finest nature reserves in India. The Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978, brings the rare opportunity to experience the wild and photograph wild animals close in their natural habitat. The locale is set high in the Western Ghats, spanning over an area of 925 kilometers, to hold exotic flora and fauna. Ties your shoes, go trekking; undisturbed, peaceful mountain or jungle walks assisted by local guides are like exploring the very elements of nature. One can enjoy elephant rides, cruises on the Periyar River to pick on herds of bathing elephants, wild boar, and deer. Sometimes, you might even get lucky to spot a tiger or two.


Your must visit hill station, placed at a height of 6000ft above Sea level in the Western Ghats. Munnar simply means three rivers, referring to its location at the meeting place of the rivers Kundaly, Nallathanni and Madhurapuzha, comes from the words ‘Moonu’ (three) and ‘Aaru’ (river). Munnar for ages have attracted tourists for its pristine beauty and unspoiled charm, the top destination for adventure seekers, honeymooners, wild life and nature lovers, known for the blue-blanketed hills and valleys by Neelakurinji flowers which blooms only every 12 years. Enjoy virgin forests, picturesque valleys, waterfalls, warbling brooks, looming colonial villas and unending tea plantations, all dipped in a beautiful, salubrious, chilly climate.


Mist-laden, hidden hills and lush forests of Waynad are home to some of the oldest tribes yet untouched by the civilization. One can explore the prehistoric engravings here, dating back as far as the Mesolithic Age. Another attraction here is the Sentinel Rock waterfall that offers an adventure packed rock climbing experience. Wayanad means Vayal Nadu that is the land of paddy fields, highly diverse biosphere best known for its subtropical savannahs, lush forests and spice plantations.

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