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Baptism of a child is an important ceremony in the lives of all involved people. According to the Catholic beliefs, christening is foremost the ceremony where a baby gets the official name even if an infant already has a birth certificate. 

Traditionally baby’s parents choose godparents for their child so they could be Christian or Catholic guardians of their kid. Godparents serve the role of spiritual advisers for a child while he or she grows and can replace the real parents in a case of an accident on the legal terms. Such important role of godparents is one of the reasons why people who were honored with such offer try to present the best christening gifts for a baby during a ceremony. 

There is a tradition during a baptism ceremony – to give silver christening gift to a child, usually it is a spoon to make the proverb “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth” come true. If you give such christening present you won’t make a mistake as you will wish happiness and fortune to your godson or goddaughter.

Usually christening gifts are not required to be given by family members or friends but it will be rude to show on a ceremony without a gift, even if you are not a godfather or godmother. 

Among traditional christening gifts types are: 
  • keepsakes for a baby – music box, blankets, figurines, picture frames, pillows and photo albums;
  • personalized gifts - silver cups or bracelets engraved with the name of the child and the christening date; 
  • gifts with religious meaning – the first child's Bible, a stuffed lamb, a decorative cross. 

If you don’t have much money after baby shower or you don’t know baby’s parents personally you can give a heartfelt card or a poem as a small token of appreciation. It is up to you to decide what gift it will be – personalized, religious or traditional one. Your attention to the christening day will be appreciated by parents anyway.

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