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I finished reading all three books of FSOG in 2012. Just sad, I can’t recall all the juicy details anymore, guess I have some re-reading to do. But I have one that just popped out of my memory right now - Remember that Audi chase where Anna was driving the car and they end up making out in the parking lot? Well, that I can remember. It wasn’t shown on the trailer though, but that scene for me was exhilarating. 

And there’s another one that I can vividly remember, the book sparked a heated discussion among my colleagues at our faculty room one time, men vs. women on the issue of dominance, submissiveness, inflicting pain and rewards in sexual relationship. Apparently, that discussion has settled us all to agree that the depiction of BDSM in this fiction is certainly non-existent in Filipino intimacy culture. A male colleague was even all honest to say, 'the equipment were all outrageously expensive', and he’d rather just go vanilla than to invest in a mind-blowing ‘red room’ apparatus. Well, I guess you’re not primed enough buddy, both financially and culturally to get into this business. At least we know there are complexities of this kind in our society.

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Oh Grey, why so hawwt!

I understand many have been so skeptic about the book, but I suggest you read it before saying on your prejudices, much more with this movie. Well, I'll just let you be. And if you happen to be one of them, there’s no reason for you to spend time arguing on things you can’t win over as of the moment. 

I know the day will come, ‘Mr. Grey will see you now’, and that day has just arrived. Ooh, not quite actually, we’ll wait ‘till Valentine’s Day of 2015, the official showing. This is so long a time for a wait but at least I have the elevator hot scene at my replay disposal. I pity the button. 

Someone is rolling his eyes on me here asking me why do I have to entertain so much fiction in my life? Well, just so you’ll know honey, this is kind of cerebral excitement for me, yeah, that ‘what if’ scenario in my life is what I need right now. I can’t wait for this movie, and I'm expecting Anna and Christian won’t be exchanging emails in Blackberry 20 times a day in the movie, that’ll annoy the living heck out of me. 

Watch the hot trailer!

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