Today’s day in age the idea of divorce is no longer seen in such a negative light. The majority of marriages will end up in divorce in modern times. I myself as well as the majority of my friends grew up in split families. How each person handles it can be very different and depend on what happened leading up to it. Women often need someone to talk to and receive the support of others. Women have many great traits that can be utilized to help recover from their loss. 

Back To The Basics 

Studies have shown common trends in how women handle divorce. One of the most common trends is that they will concentrate on their looks. This can mean changing a hairstyle, getting a makeover, receiving a spa treatment, or something as extreme as plastic surgery. If the breakup was a bad one, or was sought after by the husband it can leave a woman feeling vulnerable and undesired. The best way for a woman to cope with this is to feel beautiful and confident. Aside from improving their looks with quick fixes, it is also popular for women to go on a diet and start a gym routine. Some of these remedies are short term, while others are long term. Both have the goal of being at their best and prepping themselves to get out into the dating world. 

Searching for Acceptance

Another common trait is the desire to feel accepted. A divorce can leave us down in the dumps and damage our self esteem. In order to feel that acceptance it is common for women to join social groups and clubs. These gatherings can be centered on a huge array of topics. They could be church oriented, business related, such as Mary Kay, or maybe something as simple as just gathering with friends for a drink after work. 


A good time killer for women is shopping. Women love spending an afternoon shopping for a new beautiful pair of shoes, or a new dress to wear out to their next date. The act of shopping in itself is therapeutic and helps to get the mind off of the negative events of the past. This also has a double pay off because typically what ever is bought will be worn out on their next date with a new guy. 

Find A New Hobby 

The next top option for women during a recent divorce is not too far off from what a male might do. That is to take up a new hobby such as a sport or skill. Being active forces the body to concentrate on what is presently going on around it. Learning a new sport, or increasing your skill set is a great way to take your mind off if things, and improve your health and emotional state all at the same time. 

Be A Mother 

One of the last most popular desires for women is to fulfill their role as a nurturer. This can include a small variety of things such as, baby sitting, learning new skills in the home, or maybe just simply spending more time with their kids. Being a mom is a huge responsibility and role that women fulfill with great pride. Taking care of others comes natural to women and gives a feeling of satisfaction to help bandage the wounds of a past divorce. 

This article was written by Nick Quinlan.  Nick is currently studying at Barry University studying Family Law.  In his free time, Nick enjoys writing for which specializes in finding homes for used wedding rings and various other items.  You can read more of Nick's work if you visit his Google+ page. 

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