Med Beauty Swiss Luxury SkinCare
Med Beauty Swiss Luxury SkinCare

A small dab of perfume behind your ears can make your significant other stop and take notice. While many people choose a fragrance at a young age and stick with that scent for years, others love taking chances with new perfumes and colognes. As long as you have Internet access, you're only a few minutes away from finding the right luxury fragrances and skincare products for you. 

Scents and Products That Delight 

Though some people prefer a rich and heavy scent that will remain with them all day long and well into the night, others love the simpler and lighter fragrances. You'll find many fragrances that include natural notes of apple, rose, citrus fruits, bergamot, sandalwood and tea. You'll also find matching body washes and lotions that help you layer the scent for more lasting power. If you're in the market for something a little more luxurious, invest in a bubble bath that soothes your skin and creates a relaxing sensation or a lotion that hydrates your skin and reduces the signs of environmental hazards and aging. 

Who We Are

Osswald Parfumerie 2014 Summer Fragrance Picks
Osswald Parfumerie 2014 Summer Fragrance Picks

Boris Dreiding opened his first fragrance shop in Switzerland during the early 1920s. His commitment to providing customers with products they couldn't find anywhere else in the area led to years of success. Parfumerie Osswald was one of the first fragrance shops in Zurich that imported scents and products from other countries. Though Dreiding is no longer with us, we still remain devoted to providing our customers with the luxury products that they crave. 

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