Waiting, Contemplative Photography by Verna Luga
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When you get older you get to rethink your priorities. And blessed be the day I realized I’ve accumulated years, I get to reshuffle my concerns – throw away what’s toxic and keep the things that motivates and help me get through with life with much less effort and stress. 

With all of these experiences, I learned to just shrug off things and move on, change the things I can and forsake the things I can’t. Find something else to get me fulfillment without hurting others but at the same time, inspire. 

I said it before; I don’t want to be sitting on my rocking chair crocheting when I get old. Well, that’ll be in a farthest future still if I’m lucky to live my span. Hence, I’m getting myself involved with photography.

I’m no pro in this art, I’m a work in progress, thanks to my exceptional teacher and inspiration, Jojie Alcantara ( for inspiring me. But unlike many pro photographers and hobbyists who are into stern trait of photography, mine is on the lenient side. I feel comfortable this way, isn't that what hobby is about?

I’m into contemplative photography. It’s a kind of camerawork that judges less and appreciates more the little unknown rich everydayness of our life. Taking photos as the world appear, no stern photographic structure require, just your good eye to document it.

One time, I was asked by my husband to clear all my unused photos in my hard drive, but there’s something holding me back not to let go of those stills. Until one time, I read an article about Miksang (Tibetan term for good eye) | Contemplative Photography and I thought, wow, I’m actually into this practice for a long time, I haven’t just found a name for my eye. Now, I can’t be happier, I'm enjoying this. 

I’ve made another account over at Instagram to posts all my photos, its @PensiveEyes, I hope you can follow me there, just let me know and I'll return the favor of course. I also made a photoblog, Pensive Eyes (, hope you can check it too. I post some of my wide photos that are not meant for cropping over there.

I’m really enjoying this diversion. True enough, when you have a hobby, you have something to look forward to and I made virtual friends over at Instagram and who knows one of these days Miksang instagramers got to instameet. 

Got a new hobby too, lovely to hear you share your story too! Tata, Ladies!

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