Grandma cuts coupons every Sunday, loses more than half of them, and then uses a portion of the remaining amount to save a few bucks at the grocer. Yet, grandma is not saving a whole lot and she may not be eating very healthy either. There’s a modern way to shop, save, and eat healthy. You have to be more creative than traditional these days. Here’s how. 

No Packaged Foods 

Prepared or packaged foods cost more. You need to help pay for the preparation and the preservatives that ‘keep’ the food longer. However, buying packaged foods is not entirely healthy and could be much more expensive than buying ingredients and preparing the food yourself. Stay away from convenient yet pricy packaged, canned, and frozen foods. 

Cut Snacks Out 

‘Snacks’ were made by advertisers. Centuries ago, people were thankful to have enough food to eat let alone guilty pleasures. The truth is you don’t need snacks to survive; you eat them because it’s pleasurable. Like alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful habits, it’s better to cut down on snacks or cut them out altogether. Moreover, due to popularity, a large portion of snack foods are overpriced. 

Use Digital Coupons 

Who pays full price in modern times? A number of coupon and discount sites exist to help consumers fight the battle against retail prices. Search Sumo Coupon for savings on your favorite appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Check listings for daily, local, and ongoing deals on your favorite items. There’s no reason to pay full price for items you get all the time. 

Get a Trainer 

Trainers are knowledgeable about nutrition as well as exercise. Hire a trainer to help comprise healthy habits and a list of items to buy at the grocery store. Involved trainers will go to the store with you, show you what foods are healthy (and cheaper), and then help you prepare foods in a healthy manner. Diet and food preparation is a huge part of being healthy. Lazy consumers grab fast food or that which is good tasting but horrible for the body. Change your habits and you’ll change your body and bank account. 

Don’t Go Hungry 

Don’t shop at the grocery store when you’re hungry. Like ordering off a menu when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you’re bound to buy too much, not thinking about healthy choices in the process. When we’re hungry, especially if we have a habit of eating ‘junk food,’ our stomachs will tell our minds to make poor choices. Go to the grocery store after you’ve eaten a good meal, remembering to stay away from packaged, canned, and frozen items. Preparing your own food requires more dedication but it’s much healthier (and cheaper). 

Less Meat and More Filler 

Chicken, turkey, and lean-cut meats are healthy and provide daily portions of protein, yet buying large pieces grows expensive. Buy less meat and more filler foods like vegetables, rice, and beans to eat along with the main piece of meat. In addition eat slower and pay special attention to spices used, making each bite tasty and enjoyable to eat patiently. 

Aleta Haskins has loved discovering her passion for healthy living in the last few years. She often blogs about her inspirations and tricks for nutrition and fitness on a variety of health blogs.

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