The convenient perks of indoor exercising have caused many of us to consider least the benefits of outdoor training for several binding reasons – our tight work schedules, security, we’ve paid full the membership fee and or we’ve established good relationship with our gym trainors already. Well, it’s quiet a very valid logic if we look at how our lifestyle of today we still find time to squeeze in minutes just to get healthy. 

But while many have thought about the good benefits of indoor exercising, there are actually growing body of researches that will support the idea that outdoor exercising may brought more paybacks than running stationery in the gym. 

Here are top benefits why we should consider outdoor fitness training; 

Exposure to light can affect mood. The light is one of the most compelling elements that can affect our mood and exposing to early sun and or running shortly before the sun sets can greatly improve one’s disposition, more than the Vitamin D one is getting, it boosts a person’s mood and decreases tension, anxiety and stress levels. 

Greater chance to keep exercising. According to survey, gym goers are likely to skip their workout schedules than those exercisers that do their training outdoors. It was concluded that exercising outdoors is a reinforcing behavior and they are likely to repeat the same activity in the later time. 

Improve attention and focus. Researches have proved it that that the physical environment plays a very vital role in honing one’s attention and focus. As opposed to indoor gyms with controlled temperature, beckoning couches, television and barriers of indoor spaces, outdoor gyms are placed under natural environment with real scenery, breath of fresh air and a generous sunlight that are known to revitalize and regenerate focus and balance. 

Outdoor gyms are a growing fitness option these days owing to its enormous benefits and if you’re interested to have a set in your town center, there are actually companies now that specialized in installing outdoor gym equipment – reliable, safe and passed strict quality control that can be used without supervision. 

Appreciate more life. Keeping ourselves in the comforts of the indoor gym negates us the opportunity to appreciate the little beautiful things around us and those we meet along the course of our quest to healthy lifestyle. Outdoor exercising give us almost the same result as indoor exercising but more so give us the opportunity to commune back with nature – a very old practice that is known to reboot stressed individuals to be more productive and fit to getting back to the workplace. 

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