One of the most versatile fashion inventions ever might just be the plain white t shirt. Left alone, it can be the perfect accompaniment to a well-worn pair of jeans. There are a host of other possibilities for the humble garment, however. With a good source for cheap blank t shirts, the enthusiastic crafter can choose from a full spectrum of color, expanding the possibilities for do-it-yourself t shirt projects. 

Iron-On Transfers 

For some, just reading the phrase may bring back all kinds of memories from the seventies. The iron-on is back, however, and better than ever. This is mainly because modern computer and printing technology, along with a well-stocked office supply store, can allow creative sorts to come up with their own designs. Print a design onto the store-bought transfer paper and iron away (the iron-on part has not changed at all). Make a bunch for group activities, reunions, retreats, or any occasion. The template for the tuxedo print from How About Orange might even pass for black tie, should an event arise. 

Recycle a Quilt 

Some beautiful patterns can be salvaged from quilts that are no longer in use. Why not repurpose them by using them to embellish a plain t shirt? Cut out one of the lovely star or other shapes, and cut fusible web to fit. Fusible web may be found at fabric and craft stores. Yes, it is more ironing, and yes, it is worth it. Brit + Co is a great source for exploring this idea. 

Cool Cut- Outs 

A t shirt and a pair of scissors is all that is needed to create a unique fashion statement. A few well-placed slashes in the back of a tee can produce a spider web top to wear over a bathing suit or a tank. Go to Brit + Co for a little inspiration. 

Ruffle it Up 

T shirts may be easy and practical, but sometimes a situation calls for a more feminine touch. A perfectly lovely ruffled top may be produced with two inexpensive t shirts, a pair of scissors, and minimal sewing. Paired with a cardigan or jean jacket, it brings softness to an outfit. Check out Tea Rose Home for easy-to-follow instructions. 

Bring it Home 

Pillows are a budget-friendly way to dress up a room, especially when they can be made from inexpensive t shirts. Charming ruffled pillows can be made in any color scheme to suit any room. Ruffled t shirt pillows add style without stuffiness, and they are as soft and comfy as, well, a t shirt. Go to Floral Showers to see how cute these t shirt pillows sew up. 

 A pile of plain t shirts can be an invitation to all sorts of crafting and designing fun. They can make great party gifts, particularly if the guests have had a hand in making their own. T shirt projects can be simple or more complex. A sewing machine or fabric glue can offer many options, but even just a bit of fabric paint or a box of markers can produce terrific results. Plain t shirts are an affordable way to get into the creative spirit.

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